1815 French Officer's Saber

1815 French Officer's Saber
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The army of Napoleon was celebrated for its organization; despite the countless variations... mehr
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The army of Napoleon was celebrated for its organization; despite the countless variations in uniforms and equipment. While the
rank and file soldier was issued the standard accoutrements of the day, the officer's ranks were composed of a somewhat vainglorious
lot who sought ways to distinguish themselves in both dress and in the styling of their weaponry. Huge numbers of differently styled
edged weapons were issued and some were even custom made to order. Among the best examples of these special sabers was one
forged for Lancer Officers.
It was beautifully balanced and offered a moderately curved blade, a sharp useful point, and an excellent three bar hilt. As a cavalry
weapon, it was more than suitable for use in a charge and performed equally well when fighting at close range in the mêlée. It was,
however, the striking appearance of this saber that really inspired us. From the highly polished steel and elegant etching on the blade,
to the intricately decorated solid brass furniture and hilt, it's truly a vision to behold.
Cold Steel took their cue from an antique saber in a friend's collection, this is a saber that deserves to be reintroduced. Cold Steel's
faithful reproduction comes with a highly polished, battle ready blade forged from 1055 carbon steel, a wire wrapped leather handle,
polished stainless steel scabbard and a dazzling, highly decorated three bar hilt.
- Blade Length: approx. 81.3 cm
- Overall Length: approx. 96.5 cm
- Blade material: 1055 Carbon Steel
- Weight: approx. 950 g
- Handle: approx. 15,2 cm
- Scabbard: Polished Stainless Steel Scabbard With Brass Fittings
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