One handed Federschwert Regenyei Type2

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One-handen Federschwert TS by Peter Regenyei Type2 The blade is made of 50HRC spring steel,... more
Product information "One handed Federschwert Regenyei Type2"
One-handen Federschwert TS by Peter Regenyei  Type2
The blade is made of 50HRC spring steel, is not too rigid, it bends by thrust.
The blade is firm, the area of the backhammered tip is about 1 cm x 1 cm. This type of tip
helps to distribute the power of the thrust on a larger area, making it safer in free sparring.
Blade:  wide  schilt
Pommel:  round
Grip: leather
Weight: 1,07 kg
Length of the blade: 80,5 cm
Length of the handle: 17,5 cm
The crossbar is 7 cm long above the handle
Point of balance: 8 cm far from the crossbar
Customized Feders and other types are available on request

Blade types:
Type A: Very flexible blade, it is suited for practising and for sparring in light or little pritective equipement.
Type B: It combines flexibility and durability therefore it is good for practising, fencing and in the hands of a careful fencer even for tournaments.
Type C: Harder, jet flexible strong blade was planned for full-contact fighting in full and strong protection.

Klingenspitze: umgeschlagen
Flexibilität: mittel, steif, weich
Klinge: stumpf
Griff: Faden
Typ: Federschwert
Verwendung: Training
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