Color Linen Facemask - with pattern

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A re-usable, three-layered face mask with a pattern. This face mask has an additional insert of... more
Product information "Color Linen Facemask - with pattern"

A re-usable, three-layered face mask with a pattern. This face mask has an additional insert of one layer of spunbond with an OEKO-TEX certificate.
Designed for covering the face to prevent from unintentional touching the mouth and nose area.

This linen mask can be used at home, in the garden, during a walk, while shopping, and even during training.

Linen stops the growth of bacterias and fungus (it is antibacterial and anti allergic).

Face masks were introduced to our offer seasonally. They are produced with the use of our authorial project.

Each face mask is equipped with soft, elastic rubber bands for mounting on ears. Thanks to them, our linen face mask can be fitted to individual face shape. NOTE - rubber bands are not tied, so everyone can fit them to their own needs.

Our linen face mask is available in three sizes:
- L (suggested for men)
- M (suggested for women)
- S (suggestd for children)
To choose a correct size, please follow the measurements from the picture.

Size Front of the mask Side length
L 15 cm 13 cm
M 13 cm 12 cm
S 11 cm 11 cm
Measurements can slightly differ by +/- 0,5 cm.

Masks are also available with a pattern:

A - black and blue
B - black and yellow
C - red and natural
D - black and baby blue
E - red and black
F - black and white
G - black and red

Linen face masks are sewn by SPES in Toruń, Poland. Price applies to one item.


We recommend each person to equip oneself with a few of these masks for the purpose of effective laundering and using.

Product features:
- re-usable
- light and not hindering the movement
- triple-layered
- stylish and durable
- sewn in Toruń, Poland


Standards of production of our petterned face masks

Linen face masks are sewn by SPES in Toruń from materials of high quality.
All standards of safety and hygiene in production are maintained, following the current instructions. Production takes place in a workplace separated from strangers and everyone involved in the production process uses personal protective equipment and preparation.
At final stage of the production, face masks undergo a process of disinfection with the use of ozonation process. Later, the product is packed in a plastic bag and sealed up.

Safe use of face masks during a danger of disease

When a mask is used in an environment with potential viruses/bacterias, you need to be careful while taking the mask off and do it by holding the rubber straps. Put the mask in a bowl and wash your hands.


After putting the face mask in a bowl, pour boiling water in. Keep it in for around 10 minutes. After that, put it to a washing machine or leave it to dry and later iron it.

Laundering and disinfection

Face mask should be laundered in 60-95°C temperature, with the use of detergents and later ironed on a low setup.

Material: 100% Linien

Padding: 100% Polyester

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