Bastard Sword Tinker Pearce sharp

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Michael 'Tinker' Pearce has designed a series of swords made by Hanwei in 5160 steel,... more
Product information "Bastard Sword Tinker Pearce sharp"
Michael 'Tinker' Pearce has designed a series of swords made by Hanwei in 5160
steel, which emphasise authenticity, functionality and performance. To satisfy
the sparring and cutting needs of Western Martial Artist, each of the 7 styles
being made in live (sharp) and sparring (blunt) versions, each sword has
outstanding handling characteristics. The carefully controlled heat treating of
5160-steel (Tinker's blade steel of choice) by the 'Marquenching' process
produces an excellent combination of toughness and flexibility at a hardness
of HRC 50-52 allowing for superior edge retention on the sharps, anti burr and
tip-flexing safety features on the blunts.
Replacement blades are available for all swords in the series, a key feature of
Tinker's designs is the interchange ability of blades within each pair of swords
with the exception of the Early Viking, allowing the user to purchase 1 complete
sword and a spare blade to enjoy both versions.
The Longswords, Bastard and Early Medieval all feature Tinker's recessed sleeve
nut mounting system, providing secure hilt retention, tightening and easy blade
exchange using the Allen wrench provided.
The Hand and a half Swords (Oakeshott Type XV111A) are designed so that the
sharp and blunt versions will perform identically offering sparring and cutting
with swords that feel and respond in the same way. The sharp sword is produced
in two different versions, one diamond section throughout (code: 0165192400) and
the other identical but fullered (code: 0165192411) for about one third of its
length . Wheel sized pommels are to provide a grip for the second hand, the
straight tapering cross provides excellent hand protection. The hardwood-cored
grips are leather-over- cord wrap with steel fittings.
A leather covered scabbard is included.
Key Features
- 5160 Marquenched Spring Steel
- Dismountable
- Tinker Approved
Overall: approx. 109 cm
Blade Length: approx. 85 cm
Handle Length: approx. 24 cm
Weight: approx. 1.080 kg
Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.
Klingenspitze: gerade
Flexibilität: steif
Griff: Leder
Klinge: geschärft
Typ: Langschwert
Verwendung: Schnitttest
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