Pavilion 8x4 m

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Pavilion with two poles (8x4 m) - cotton Century: XIV, XV A big tent with two poles made of... more
Product information "Pavilion 8x4 m"

Pavilion with two poles (8x4 m) - cotton
Century: XIV, XV

A big tent with two poles made of impregnated cotton (ca. 340 g/m2). Dimensions: 8x4m. On the top of the poles you can place a flag. You can split the interior of the tent by curtains (curtains for a surcharge). Construction strengthened with guy ropes.

The set includes:
- five-part tent cotton sheet (roof, 2 side-walls, 2 entrance)
- 2 two-part masts of 350cm height
- 2 wooden balls that are placed on the top of the masts
- 2 small wooden poles to place flags on them 56 pegs + 2 spares
- 2 bags for pegs
- bag for the tent
- a set of metal elements that join the parts of masts
- 52 wooden pegs for fastening the walls as well as mounting the guy ropes
- 2 anti-hurricanes ropes of 15m length
- 26 longer guy ropes of 4m length each
- 26 shorter guy ropes of 1,5m length each (fastened to the longer guy ropes)

Polypropylene ropes. There is a possibility to exchange polypropylene rope for hempen one. The polypropylene ones are more durable, they unwind and stretch out less.

Under the influence of bad weather conditions (heavy rain for example), wet leather elements may taint the tent's fabric.
The leather used for strengthening fabric in places where there are pegs, entry, and guy ropes is in black colour. (if applicable)


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eine zusätzliche Farbe: Zelte aus farbigem Baumwollstoff oder aus zwei Farben: Natur und eine zusätzliche Farbe.

Zwei oder mehr zusätzliche Farben Zelte aus farbiger Baumwolle in zwei oder mehr zusätzlichen Farben.

Windshild Zusätzlicher 20 cm breiter Stoffstreifen an der Unterkante der Zeltplane zum Schutz vor Wind und Feuchtigkeit.

Dekorative Streifen: Farbige Zierbänder entlang der Nähte. Hergestellt aus 3cm breitem Baumwollband..

Lining: Lining: Additional layer of fabric inside the tent covering the walls. Might be produced in various colours.

Decorative merlon: Decorative merlon: Decorative merlon, different than standard one (type 1). Three options available: waves type, tooth type, crenels type

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