Miedergürtel aus Leder, braun

Produktnummer: SW10460.1
Produktinformationen "Miedergürtel aus Leder, braun"

Broad Belt, brown leather

This broad belt made from high quality leather is worn above the hips and serves as a type of waist cincher.What makes this belt special is its construction: the edges of all the pieces are hand stitched together using leather lacing,the buckle system consists of two very long belts with antique brass buckles. And it is supplied with rings on front and backso make sure that you can carry several for you important items with you at all times.Belt gets tied on the back two times and can be worn as a massive broadbelt or as a corset just as you wish.Suitable for a female warrior as well as for a fragile maiden.

- Material: vegetable tanned leather
- Colour: brown

Size Circumference Width Weight
M approx. 65 - 70 cm approx. 15 cm approx. 500 g
L approx. 70 - 80 cm approx. 17 cm approx. 625 g

Leather products by Epic Armoury are known for their design, the quality materials and the great price.

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